Public Accident Claims

You may have been out in a public place, and acting normally when through no fault of your own suffer an accident and injury.

We can quickly and honestly advise as to whether you may bring a claim for compensation.

It is sometimes the case that an accident involving a trip, or slip, in a public place causing you to fall can give rise to a claim. We can quickly source professional help from consulting engineers to assist in determining whether you may pursue a personal injury claim.

We can assist you during the personal injury claim, either by acting for you directly in discussions with the other party’s insurance company, or representing you with an application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.

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    What Our Clients Say?

    I can more than highly recommend Downes Solicitors – David Ryan was an absolute gentleman to deal with. In a time of great worry, his calming professionalism along with both strong knowledge and experience left me confident to leave all legal issues in his capable hands, while I focused on trying to recover as best I could from an accident. David consistently updated me on all matters even through covid 19 and was always at the other end of a phone to answer a query. I was glad for his good advice and will be eternally indebted to both David and his team Downes Solicitors.
    E.C from Cork
    Excellent Solicitors, easy to deal with. David Ryan was the solicitor I worked with and he was excellent. Highly recommended
    Robert Byrne

    Public Accident Claims : Your Top Questions Answered

    How long can a personal injury claim take?
    AYour claim length will depend on a number of factors such as; your type of injuries, the insurance company your dealing with, your PIAB application, the assessment and then whether you move on to legal proceedings.
    How much compensation will I be entitled to?
    AThat figure is hard to immediately determine. The book of quantum can help to give you some indication but the other factors that will be taken into consideration are:

    • Liability: who was at fault for the accident.
    • Injuries: the severity of the injuries
    • Expenses: all of the bills that were paid.
    Will my claim go to court?
    A Every case is different. In the majority of personal injury cases, the person making the claim will not end up in a courtroom.

    It is possible that the person at fault will seek to settle outside of court and your case will be settled in a meeting attended by you, your solicitor, and barrister to negotiate your settlement.

    It is entirely up to you whether to accept the settlement offered. If you do not accept then it will move to a court hearing where a judge will decide how much your settlement will be.

    Our Personal Injury Team

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